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Company Details

 smalSNAP Air Source                       


T:  1300 00 SNAP  (1300 00 7627)

L:   7a Curban crt, Underwood QLD 4119

E  : [email protected]


Trading Hours 

Monday - Friday ............ 8am - 4pm

Sat and Sun       ............ Closed

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Current Specials

 PositivePayback logo

     Get up to $200 back per unit 
  when installing peaksmart


QLD Gov Rebate

QLD Gov Rebate

$300 for a 4 star +

energy rated air con

(limit 1 per household



Click here for info

  • *Conditions of Supply. 

    1. The displayed prices in this web site include:

      1. All certificates of compliance as required.

      2. Removal and disposal of all packaging.

      3. All the prices above are based on a domestic “back to back” single story install.

      4. Please click here to view meaning of back to back and cost of non standard installs
    2. Conditions of installation:

      1.       ◦Installation vehicle, equipment and installation team must have clear and unhindered access to the site and internal/external location.
        ◦Head unit will be mounted on a perimeter wall with nothing under the head unit ( window ect) ( mounting above a window is possible,
          but may cost more as more materials are used)
        ◦Piping supplied will be up to 3 m and ducting up to 2m, Extra length is as follows.$35.00 per meter out of duct.
          $55 per meter in duct $16.50 for 90deg bends / extra wall -ceiling caps
      2.          ◦Wall is either brick or fibro, If the wall is Concrete or besser-brick core drilling fees apply ( usually $280 inc ) 
        ◦Hole will be sealed with acrylic filler and end cap installed, over the hole.
        ◦2.5kw to 4.4kw)Wiring included in the installation will be up to 15m to general power circuit
        ◦(5kw to 9kw)Wiring included will be up to 25m to switchboard ( in accessible roof space or accessible under the house, with a new
          circuit breaker installed ( if under house +$2.20 per 1m of conduit & saddles)
        ◦Rubber pads will be supplied for hard, flat surfaces otherwise ( poly slab base $33, extra wall brackets $75 extra
        ◦If out door unit (greater than 3.5kw ) needs to be mounted up high above 1.5m, there is a $88 fee for the Material lifter hire.
        ◦When running piping behind the outdoor unit, piping / cabling will be zip tied to the back of the unit unless notified otherwise.
        ◦Drainage will be run up to 4m, from head unit
        ◦We will refuse installation if the inside or outside wall is made of asbestos.
        ◦The Air Conditioner will remain the property of Snap Air Conditioning until fully paid
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