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Peaksmart installation is included in the online prices.

PeakSmart air-conditioning  ( more info click here )

Many Queenslanders use their air conditioner during peak times, usuallyon days of extreme temperature. Everyone using their air-conditioner at the same time, increases stress on the electricity network.

If you are replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner, help manage peak demand by choosing a PeakSmartair-conditioner, you will be rewarded by up to $400 by connecting it to the PeakSmart program. 

Households and businesses can claim up to five rewards (per premise) for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner where a signal receiver is installed

Cooling capacityReward available
4kW but less than 10kW $200
10kW or more $400
PeakSmartTM air-conditioning is designed by the air-conditioning manufacturers and adheres to industry standards.
It works via the PeakSmartTMsignal receiver, a small device installed in PeakSmartTM air-conditioners that remotely
tells the air-conditioner to cap its energy consumption on occasions when the network reaches peak demand.
The technology is designed to be set and forget, so you won't have to do anything, and you won't notice a difference to your comfort.


Current Specials

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     Get  $200 back per unit
(4kw or larger)
  when installing peaksmart


6 months interest free


6 months interest free on 

any of our online deals 

5 year warranty

5 year warty

We offer a 5 year 

workmanship warranty.

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