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Ever wondered why does my air conditioning smell so bad?
When cooling, your air conditioner creates moister which over time promote bacteria and mould growth.
As the mould infests your aircon unit, the spores will begin to spread through the air.
This can cause serious illness and should be remedied as soon as possible 
We not only get rid of the mould /smell but you air conditioning will look like and work like new.

Here is a breakdown of our service. 
1. We first test the air conditioner to make sure it is not faulty
2. Then we prepare the surrounding area within your home,office, etc... to prevent any mess.
3. Remove the front covers and filters and clean them thoroughly with sanitise release solutions.
4. Spray a coil and fan barrel release solution to eliminate the bacteria and build-up of mould, dust,
    hair and dead skin particles within the internal unit.
5. Pressure clear and/or vacuum suction the drain pipe then pressure wash the internal coil, fan barrel, drip tray, back of air duct and vents.
6. Spray a tried and tested anti-microbial formula onto the internal coil and filters, which prevents micro-organisms from growing for up to 12 months.
7. Re-assemble the unit, clean up the surrounding area and provide a test operation to ensure the unit is working properly, and you are 100 percent satisfied with our service.

RESULTS of a professionally cleaned air conditioner include:
Water leaks  GONE 
Bad smell GONE 
Unit efficiency IMPROVED  
Electricity consumption IMPROVED  
Life-span of the unit IMPROVED
Cost : 
1st AC    =    $179
additional =  $149

Current Specials

 PositivePayback logo

     Get  $200 back per unit
(4kw or larger)
  when installing peaksmart


6 months interest free


6 months interest free on 

any of our online deals 

5 year warranty

5 year warty

We offer a 5 year 

workmanship warranty.

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