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Air Conditioner Maintenance and how it affects you.

How Air Quality is affected
when no Maintenance is carried out

Ever wondered, why does my air conditioning smell so bad?
When cooling, your air conditioner creates moister which over time promote bacteria and mould growth.  As the mould infests your aircon unit, the spores will begin to spread through the air.

This can cause severe illness and should be remedied as soon as possible.  We not only get rid of the mould /smell, but your air conditioning will look like and work like new. 
The filtration system of your air conditioner also filters the air you breath, get take dust, pollens and airborne particles out of the air, so you can breathe easier.

Regular service (Chemical Clean) Maintenance & repairs of split system air conditioners help maintain the units running at 100% and will extend their service life

Split system chemical cleaning air conditioner maintenance
cleaning air conditioning

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Maintenance  (chemical clean) is essential not only for the warranty of your air conditioner system but also for the health of your family. More and more people these days have asthma allergies and live in built-up areas with constant traffic. The air quality in these suburban areas is getting worse and worse, and your air conditioner cycles this air and tries to clean as much of it as possible.

Just like with any filters, they all need to be cleaned. You wouldn’t drive in your car for four years straight without any maintenance, then why would you do the same thing to your air conditioner it’s not just the filters that need cleaning. However, as time goes by, mould will grow in and Throughout your air conditioning system. This is because your air conditioner extracts moisture from the air and mould and bacteria love this moisture and thrive in it. 

Once there is enough built-up bacteria or mould in the system, it will start being excreted by the fan spreading this bacteria in mould spores throughout your home. Over time this can get worse and worse and can be a terrible health risk to you and your family if not rectified immediately .,

Call snap air conditioning on 07 3084 3501 to book an appointment for one of our technicians to come on-site and disinfect (Chemical Clean) your air conditioner from mould and bacteria

mould hiding inside split system air conditioning
Mould can grow and spread through out your unit and make everyone in the house. sick.
Blocked filters
Dirty split system air conditioning filters completely clogged up not allowing any airflow
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Chemical cleaning
Snap air conditioning chemical cleaning air conditioner thoroughly
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After Clean
Split system air conditioner thoroughly cleaned back to original condition and efficiency
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Whats left
The mould and dirt removed from your air conditioning system
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filthy blocked coils
Blocked filter due to dirt, dust and harmful contaminates, causing blockages and unhealthy air.


panasonic head unit mould
Grime, dirt & mould polluting and affecting the air which you breathe.


filthy blocked coils
Contaminates blocking the coil, preventing sufficient and healthy airflow.

Can a un-serviced Air Conditioner affect your health


dirt in air

Assistant that hasn’t been maintained can pollute the air expelling harmful bacteria and mold spores into the air  


bacteria in the air

The moist environment promotes bacteria to colonise the unit without disinfection.


allergies worse

Due to the bacteria in mold spores being propelled out of the unit this will make a person’s allergies far worse


mechanical strain on air conditioning systems

System has to work much harder to force air through the blocked filtration system


reduce efficiency with air flow

With the filtration system being completely blocked with dust and particular matter the airflow gets cut down significantly


water damage when not serviced.

Water blockages that go unnoticed may cause water damage if not serviced immediately

How can we help you with
Split System Maintenance (Chemical Clean)?

We give you a check list with before and after photos to show you what we have done. 

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How we Service your Air Conditioner

  1.  We first test the air conditioner to make sure it is not faulty.
  2.  Then we prepare the surrounding area within your home, office, etc… to prevent any mess.
  3.  Remove the front covers and filters and clean them thoroughly with sanitise release solutions.
  4.  Spray a coil and fan barrel release solution to eliminate the bacteria and build-up of mould, dust hair and dead skin particles within the internal unit.
  5.  Pressure clean and vacuum suction the drainpipe then pressure wash the internal coil, fan barrel, drip tray, back of air duct and vents.
  6.  Spray a tried and tested anti-microbial formula onto the internal coil and filters, which prevents micro-organisms from growing for up to 12 months.
  7.  Re-assemble the unit, clean up the surrounding area and provide a test operation to ensure the unit is working properly, and you are 100 per cent satisfied with our service.



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Wash indoor covers & panels

Remove the front plastic cover, pressure wash and disinfect.

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Clean disinfect filters

Clean, disinfect  and reinstall it.

Snap Air Conditioning conducting a chemical clean on split system air conditioning

Chemical clean indoor coil

Use special chemical cleaning agent to destroy and remove all mold and bacteria. 

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Test indoor drainage

Inspect and test drainage after it has been chemical cleaned.

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Test electrical connections

Make sure all electrical connections in head unit are tight.

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Pressure wash and chemical clean fan barrel

Inspect blower wheel cleanliness, if blower wheel consist of dirt and grime build up it requires cleaning. Make recommendations for an Eco Clean.
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Test and inspect isolator

Make sure the isolator is working correctly and there is no water build up.

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Coat condenser with fresh paint (if required)

We can re paint the outdoor unit on request.  Cost will depend on size and location.

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Inspect outdoor condenser

Check and make sure there is no build up behind the condenser and that it is sitting level.

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