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At Snap Air Conditioning, you’ll find all our split system air conditioner prices below. 

We have a large range of different brands to suit every budget. All of our AC Units come with a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty (held directly with the manufacturer) and our 12 month installation warranty so you can rest easy with your investment.

If you are looking for installation prices ONLY (minus the AC Unit) we can help with that too.  We will happily install an AC Unit that you have purchased from somewhere else.

If you would like to see if we can beat an existing quoted price, enquire now and our office staff will come back to you. 

Full Terms and conditions can be found here

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Our Supply and install Aircon prices explained

  1. All of our air conditioner prices listed on the website are for the supply and install of your air conditioner inc gst
  2. Pricing is based on a standard back to back installation
  3. If there is anything below the air conditioner head eg. Window, door – extra costs may be incured for piping, duct etc.
  4. Pricing does not include subcontractors required for asbestos or concrete/core walls and additional costs will incur for these materials.
  5. Side Exit (where pipework comes from side of indoor unit instead of directly behind) incurs an extra cost
  6. Back to back installations include up to 5m of ducting/pipe work. Extra distances will incur extra charges
  7. Double pole Isolator will be installed on the side of the ducting or near outdoor unit 
  8. (2.5kw to 4.4kw) Wiring included in the installation will be up to 5m to a nearby general power circuit (as per current standards)
  9. (5kw to 9kw) Wiring included for dedicated circuit to the switchboard in the installation will be up to 5m to switchboard (in accessible roof space or accessible under the house) and includes a safety switch installed in your switchboard. Extra charges will apply for circuit run if greater than 5m
  10. Outdoor Units will be placed on the ground unless specified otherwise. Extra charges will apply based on location of outdoor unit if not directly on the ground
  11. If outdoor unit needs to be mounted on brackets extra charges will apply (according to height)
  12. Drainage will be run up to 2m and will be drained to storm water (if possible)
  13. The Air Conditioner will remain the property of Snap Air Conditioning until fully paid for
air conditioner price list this is what standard back to back means

What affects the cost of air conditioning on our aircon price list?

The installation cost for air conditioners varies based on the size of the unit and the type of installation required. A few examples have been listed below for you:

Installing an AC Unit into a bedroom in a low set house with a footpath outside the bedroom and the indoor and outdoor unit will share the same wall. This is a standard back to back installation where the head unit is mounted on the exterior wall of the room and the piping goes through the wall then runs down in duct (approximately 2 metres) with the piping running another one metre into the outdoor unit. The condenser is sitting directly on the concrete footpath. 

Installing an AC Unit into a bedroom in a 2 storey (or similar) house. The indoor unit and outdoor unit still share the same wall however the outdoor unit will be either on the ground OR up high on a bracket. There will be an extra charge associated with either outdoor unit location as the installation will require extra work and will require 2 people to complete the installation for health & safety reason. If you are unsure just ask our friendly office staff.