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Our Supply and install Aircon prices explained

  1. Air conditioner prices above is for the supply and install of the displayed model of air conditioner inc gst
  2. Type of install that is included in the displace prices is a standard back to back installation
  3. If there is anything below the air conditioner head eg. Window, door – more piping ducting cost will be required.
  4. Pricing includes wall materials like single brick, wood . If asbestos or concrete addition costs will incur.
  5. Side exit, where the unit is on the  internal, but piping comes out of the side of the unit.
  6. Ducting includes is 2m, piping 3m extra length pricing is here 
  7. Double pole Isolator will be install on the side of the ducting or near external unit 
  8. (2.5kw to 4.4kw) Wiring included in the installation will be up to 15m to general power circuit 
  9. (5kw to 9kw) Wiring included in the installation will be up to 25m to switchboard ( in accessible roof space or accessible under the house including safety switch.
  10. Rubber pads will be supplied for hard, flat surfaces otherwise (poly slab base  $35, extra wall brackets $75 extra)
  11. If outdoor unit needs to be mounted up high above 1.5m, there is a $88 fee for the Material lifter hire.
  12. Drainage will be run up to 4m, from head unit
  13. The Air Conditioner will remain the property of Snap Air Conditioning until fully paid for
air conditioner price list this is what standard back to back means
Brand / ModelCoolingPricecash backPrice after cash back
Fujtisu ASTG09KMTC    2.5kw$1,489$1,489
Fujtisu ASTG12KMTC       3.5kw$1,619$1,619
Fujtisu ASTG18KMTC        5kw$2,149$200$1,949
Fujtisu ASTG22KMTC    6kw$2,299$200$2,099
Fujtisu ASTG24KMTC      7kw$2,439$200$2,239
Fujtisu ASTG30KMTC      8kw$2,899$200$2,699
Fujtisu ASTG34KMTC       9.2KW$3,189$200$2,989
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP252.5kw$1,469$1,469
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP353.5kw$1,619$1,619
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP424.2kw$2,039$200$1,839
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP505kw$2,169$200$1,969
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP606kw$2,339$200$2,139
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP717kw$2,449$200$2,249
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP808kw$2,969$200$2,769
Daikin FTXV20U2kw$1,529$1,529
Daikin FTXV25U2.5kw$1,569$1,569
Daikin FTXV35U3.5kw$1,729$1,729
Daikin FTXV46U4.4kw$2,199$2,199
Daikin FTXV50U5kw$2,279$2,279
Daikin FTXV60U6kw$2,429$2,429
Daikin FTXV71U7kw$2,589$2,589
Daikin FTXV85U8kw$3,099$3,099
Daikin FTXV95U9kw$3,469$3,469
LG WS09TWS2.5kw$1,429$1,429
LG WS12TWS3.5kw$1,529$1,529
LG WS18TWS5kw$1,999$200$1,799
LG WH24SL-187kw$2,399$200$2,199
LG WH30SR-188kw$2,799$200$2,599
LG WH34SR-189kw$3,139$200$2,939
Kelvinator KSD25HWJ2.5kw$1,359$1,359
Kelvinator KSD35HWJ3.5kw$1,519$1,519
Kelvinator KSD50HWJ5kw$1,999$200$1,799
Kelvinator KSD71HWJ7kw$2,249$200$2,049
Kelvinator KSD90HWJ8kw$2,789$200$2,589
Rinnai HSNRQ25B2.5kw$1,249$1,249
Rinnai HSNRQ35B3.5kw$1,369$1,369
Rinnai HSNRQ50B5kw$1,859$200$1,659
Rinnai HSNRQ70B7kw$1,949$200$1,749
Rinnai HSNRQ80B8kw$2,389$200$2,189
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK202.0kw$1,379$1,379
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK252.5kw$1,459$1,459
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK353.5kw$1,599$1,599
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK505kw$2,099$200$1,899
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK636kw$2,349$200$2,149
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK717kw$2,429$200$2,229
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK808kw$2,859$200$2,659
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK959kw$3,339$200$3,139
Panasonic CS/CU-Z25VKR        2.6kw$1,469$1,469
Panasonic CS/CU-Z35VKR        3.5kw$1,609$1,609
Panasonic CS/CU-Z42VKR        4.4kw$1,889$200$1,689
Panasonic CS/CU-Z50VKR        5kw$2,149$200$1,949
Panasonic CS/CU-Z60VKR        6kw$2,299$200$2,099
Panasonic CS/CU-Z71VKR        7kw$2,419$200$2,219
Panasonic CS/CU-Z80VKR        8KW$2,889$200$2,689

What affects the cost of air conditioning on our aircon price list?

The installation cost for air conditioners varies from different sizes and different makes. Take for instance you want to cool a bedroom on a low set house with a footpath outside the bedroom this is what you call a standard back to back installation where the head unit is mounted on the perimeter wall, the piping goes through the wall runs down in duct approximately 2 metres with the piping running another one metre into the condenser. The condenser is sitting on the concrete footpath on special rubber anti vibration padding. 

Our supply and install aircon prices for our air conditioners covers this type of installation. If the bedroom is upstairs, we would have to run approximately four to five metres of ducting with around six metres of piping. This obviously takes a lot more time and effort and more cost in materials. We charge an extra $110 for two-story runs to cover this additional cost.

What affects the cost of air conditioners?

There are a few different reasons why air conditioner prices of Air Conditioners may fluctuate. 

  1. The Australian dollar last year was down to around $0.65US, lately it has been pushing close to $0.80US, meaning air conditioners should come down in price eventually when they get shipped in .
  2. Material costs like copper have gone up though, the units contain a lot of copper within them, this may drive up the price a bit .
  3. Supply and demand are definitely very important, if the summer forecast is for a long hot summer, we can buy in large quantities getting discounts, thus saving you money