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What is Air Conditioner Replacement ?

An air conditioner replacement is where the current unit is either faulty or not performing as well as it used to and you get it exchanged with a new unit which out preforms the existing unit greatly.

An aircon replacement isn’t as simple as it may appear. The existing unit first needs to be decommissioned, any remaining gas reclaimed (so it is not expelled into the atmosphere), electrically disconnected and then removed from its location entirely before the new unit can be installed.

We do reuse pipework, isolators, ducting etc where possible however some units (especially older ones) are not rated to current standards. In these cases the pipework must be replaced and sometimes cannot be determined until the installation is underway.

Current standards also stipulate that any units 5KW and above must have a dedicated circuit to your switchboard. If we are replacing an older unit that doesn’t have one this will be installed for you during the replacement.

7 Signs you may need an Air Conditioner replacement

Is your air conditioner not working as well as it has previously? 

If you detect any of the below 7 signs, it’s time to call in a professional. To stay comfortable throughout the year it’s vital to carry out any necessary repairs as soon as issues arise. Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace a unit rather than repairing an existing one and the added benefit is you get a brand new unit with the 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Acting now will let you get back to enjoying a trouble-free, noise-free, leak-free, energy-efficient Aussie summer or winter with an Air Conditioner replacement, call Snap Air Conditioning now to discuss your options.

Unit is blowing hot or cold air which is inconsistent to temperature settings

One of the most common problems we find with an older unit as as it has reached the end of its lifespan it stops cooling and heating effectively. It may still produce regular air levels, but the air isn’t coming out as cold or hot as per its settings. From time to time during regular use, you may experience some warm air on a cool setting, but if your unit stops producing cool air entirely, it’s time to investigate (and vice versa for heating). It may mean low refrigerant levels and depending on the age of the unit replacement will be the only option.

Inconsistent temperatures are a sign of trouble too. Your air conditioner is supposed to provide a consistent air temperature at the setting you’ve chosen. If your unit is producing hot (or inconsistent) air inspect the filters, valves, condensation drains and coils for air flow obstructions. But be prepared, a replacement unit may be on the cards.

Your unit has diminished air flow

During operation there is little or no cool air coming out of the vents. A significant decrease in air flow could be another sign that your air conditioner’s compressor is on its last leg.

If your thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature and your home is still too warm, then your air conditioning system is definitely not working at its optimum level. Again, check filters first, but it might be time for a new unit.

It’s emitting strange noises or strange smells

A fully functioning air conditioning system should operate almost silently. If you know your unit well, you’ll be familiar with any little sounds it makes as it cycles. So, when you hear noises different from the norm, it’s time to act.

Minor noise changes could simply indicate the need for some maintenance. Perhaps the fan isn’t working properly, or one of the parts inside the unit has become loose, or an internal mechanism has become clogged with dirt. However, if the noise is a little stranger – such as screeching, grinding, grating, rattling, buzzing or ticking, this could indicate a serious problem!

The same goes for unusual odours! If your unit is giving off a bad smell, it’s not just a nuisance, it indicates a problem you need to address right away. Foul odours can mean that your air conditioner’s insulation has become damaged or that the ductwork has become mouldy.

Dirt, mould or mildew inside your unit can circulate contaminated air through your home and cause health issues for your family. So don’t ignore those bad smells. Strange smells may simply be caused by a filter that needs maintenance.

Your unit is leaking or producing excess moisture

Depending on the type of air conditioner you have, a small amount of condensation or water dripping on the outside of your unit (i.e. outside the house) is normal. But for the most part, your air conditioning unit should stay dry whether or not it’s in use.

If you notice moisture inside the house, a sudden increase in condensation or a leak, it may be time to investigate. First of all, ask a professional air conditioning technician to inspect it straight away for safety reasons (electrical components and water are not a good combination). Some units may spring refrigerant leaks; refrigerant should only ever be handled by a professional due to the health risks it poses.

Your air conditioning specialist will locate the source of the leak and let you know if a new unit is the most cost-effective course of action.

Your unit is short cycling

It’s quite normal for your air conditioner to cycle on and off to maintain a set temperature throughout your home. However, has your unit developed a tendency to switch itself off randomly? Or does it sometimes have difficulty getting started?

If you notice that it is turning on and off more frequently than usual, it is possible that your unit is malfunctioning. Short cycling puts extra stress on your air conditioner, and will cause it to fail entirely if not handled quickly. Call a technician, and with any luck it is something that can be rectified. But it may mean it’s time for a new unit.

Your energy bills have dramatically increased

Even if your unit appears to be functioning ‘normally’, one of the biggest telltale signs there may be a major problem can be found on your energy bill. Has it spiked suddenly and you aren’t sure why? Undertake an ‘energy audit’ and consider other factors that may have caused your energy bill to increase.

This will help you to work out whether your air conditioning is the culprit behind a surge in energy costs. If all roads lead to your unit being the source of the extra power, then you need to determine why it has become significantly less efficient. Perhaps your air conditioning system is overworking? Diminished cooling capacity will raise energy costs as your unit struggles to maintain the desired temperature ineffectively.

Your unit requires frequent repairs (and is out of warranty)

Has your trusty air conditioning unit become more trouble (and expense) than its worth? In an ideal world, your unit should be serviced just once a year to keep it well maintained, clean and in tip top shape. Occasionally, you may need an extra service or repair. However, if your air conditioning system is constantly in need of mending and repairing, multiple times per year, then you may have to call time on this unit – replacing your air conditioner may simply be the more economical and efficient option.

Usually, you can factor in one major repair or part replacement. However, if serious repairs occur later in the unit’s life, they serve as a warning of future issues. If your unit needs a complex repair after the warranty expires, that’s a sure sign to start shopping around for a new unit instead of pouring money into an old one with a limited shelf life.

air conditioner replacement saves you money
energy savings replacing air conditoning

The average QLD energy bill breakdown

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Why you should choose Snap Air Conditioning
to replace your Air Conditioner

Snap Air Conditioning have been doing this for more than 15 years, we carry all the major brands and our experienced technicians will go above and beyond to assist you.

Our warehouse in Brisbane is always stocked to the brim of all the latest air conditioner models, ready to be installed into your home or business.

We have set pricing (as listed on our website) so you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any hidden surprises when replacing your unit so please call snap air conditioning today on 1300 007 627 to arrange a time to get your new air conditioning replacement supplied and installed.

Reasons why Air Conditioner replacement is better
Get an Air Conditioner replacement with a Daikin
24 Hour On/Off Timer

The timer can be preset to start and stop at any time within a 24-hour period.

Comfort Mode

Guarantees draft-free operation by positioning the Louvre downwards to drive cool air to the bottom of the room.

Eco Mode

Helps reduce power consumption and decreases the load on the electrical circuit when multiple electrical devices are used simultaneously.

Better Air Quality

New filters mean cleaner air, the better brands have the ability to get a lot of dust out of the air.

Standby Power Function

When the air conditioner is not in use, the standby power function turns off power supply to the outdoor unit and sets the indoor unit into standby mode, reducing energy consumption.

Powerful Mode

If you need to heat the room quickly, powerful mode maximizes power for 20 minutes, before automatically returning the unit to the original settings.

Inverter Technology

An advanced fan motor technology which allows the unit to operate more efficiently than other models. This technology enables the desired temperature to be reached faster, and steadily maintains the temperature without fluctuations.

Intelligent Eye (available on some models)

An infrared sensor that detects human movement. If the room is unoccupied for more than 20 minutes, the system automatically changes to energy saving operation.

Our Clients Testimonials


Great job installing my new AC unit, good range, reasonably priced and very friendly and helpful office staff and installers.

Linda De George

Jacqueline Prior

William and Omar installed our new replacement air conditioner. Their work was done speedily and efficiently. Two great guys from Snap Air Conditioning. Highly recommended.

Cecil Wray

A Farley

The price was very good, with no hidden costs. We had to wait two weeks for installation due to busy period but they showed up on time when they said they would. Finished efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. Very polite and easy to deal with.

A Farley

Kevin Mallett

Just had our living room air con unit replaced, through this company, really happy with the really prompt service and professional quality work. Thank you.

Kevin Mallett


Excellent company the staff pleasant and knowledgeable. Very pleased with the work done. Highly recommended.


Julia A

Kelly, the point of contact for Snap, is brilliant. We had a problem with our installation (manufacturer issue) and she was a pleasure to deal with while that got sorted. She is a credit to the company, and I am sure she would look after you too if you chose Snap for your air conditioning.

Jessica Page

Fabrice Turpin
Perfect installation, friendly and professional team!

Fabrice Turpin

Why Choose Snap Air Conditioning

Licensed & Insured Technicians

All of our technicians are fully qualified and certified through the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) and/or Arctick. All of our technicians are employees (not subcontractors) and are provided with ongoing in-house training. This ensures a professional, customer service focused experience that remains focused on YOU our valued clients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are on the firm belief that ALL feedback - good or bad - is valued feedback. We would love to hear of your experience with us so we can ensure we are meeting the highest standards and rectify any issues that may arise to maintain our high customer satisfaction rate which is shown through our 5 star google reviews.

12 Month Workmanship Warranty

We offer a 12 month workmanship warranty on all of our work. This means in that 12 month period if you experience any issues we will come out and investigate at no charge to you! * See Terms & Conditions

Wide Variety of Services

We don’t just offer air conditioning services. We also offer regular maintenance on your unit, investigations of any units not working (and solutions for repair/replacement). We also have fully qualified Electricians and can help with other electrical needs as well!

Interest-free Finance

Get your dream air conditioning system installed in your home or business without paying the upfront price. Contact us today to find out how we can assist.

Wealth of Experience

We have been offering air conditioning installation services to our local community for over 15 years. We have likely seen or heard it all and if we are unable to provide a solution while we attend we will investigate solutions and come back to you. This means we are able to provide you with the best benefits of our industry experience.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team who will take of your concerns quickly. We genuinely care and will offer before, during and after sales support to ensure your satisfaction - every single time!

On-Time Services

We can guarantee that we will be on time where possible. Obviously things do happen outside of our control however this is where our customer service team shine! They will keep you as up to date as possible if there are any delays with the technician.

Honest, Affordable, Transparent Quotes

We know what is important to you - honesty, transparency and affordability. We will provide an upfront quote and the technicians will confirm all aspects of the installation on arrival so if there are any changes needed you are aware BEFORE the works are carried out. This means there are no hidden surprises!

We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care about our customers. From the initial phone call through to the installation and any follow ups made you will receive the very best from our team.

If you need cost-effective air conditioning for your home or business, call us on 📞1300 007 627 to get started. We have the most reliable & efficient solutions for you.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Products & Services

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Licensed, insured technicians for your safety.
icon for perfect
Perfect installation because installation really matters
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Competitive, honest, affordable & transparent quotes
icon for warranty
5 year workmanship warranty
icon for go the distance
We go the extra distance and focus on the small details
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100% Satisfaction, or we'll be back !

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Fast response
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If we damage / dirty anything, we will fix it.
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In house trained technicians,
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Commitment Free installation quotes *.
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Sky Finance with Up to 60 Months Interest-Free *.
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Dedicated office line, to answer your calls.

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