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Up front pricing

You can be rest assured there will be no surprises with huge bills at the end of the job.  We run through the electrical quote to give you clarity about all the pricing involved.

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Fast service

We pride our self’s at being fast at responding to your requests and try to give you the best service possible

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Friendly and Professional

We screen all our worker and continuously ask for customer feedback, to make sure all our staff act in a friendly and professional manner. 

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We make sure everything is left the way it was and clean up and mess

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Split System Air Conditioning Supplied and installed Brisbane

Split System Inverters

Multi-Split System Inverters

Ducted Air Conditioning Supplied and installed Brisbane


Bulkhead air Conditioning Supplied and installed Brisbane

Bulk Head

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Floor Standing air Conditioning Supplied and installed Brisbane

Floor Standing Split Systems

window air Conditioning Supplied and installed Brisbane

Window Wall Mounted

What Air Conditioning should I get?

There are many different types of air conditioners to keep you warm during the winter nights and cool during the summer days. 

The kind of air conditioning that you choose, Will depend on a couple of different factors

Budget ?

Split Systems are one of the cheapest way to cool  your home.  We have supply and install aircons that start from as little as $1249 inc gst supplied and installed to cool a standard size bedroom around 4 x 4m or aircons up to 10kw, that can cool around 80sqm.

How big is your house?

The size and the number of rooms in your house will also dictate if you get split systems installed to every room or if a different type of  air conditioner  will be a lot easier, neater and look less cluttered around the home.  Ducted systems are usually the best option in this case.

Quality of air?

Some Air Conditioning systems have a straightforward mesh filter installed while others have a very fine filter along with extra HEPA filtration to extract dust and pollen out of the air making the quality of air a lot better for people living with asthma,  one such an aircon unit is the Panasonic which is rated very highly for air conditioning filtration.

Type of building?

The type of building will also affect what kind of air conditioner you get installed, for instance in a unit where two to three rooms need to be air-conditioned.   You only have a small balcony then a multi-head split system aircon will need to be installed as you do not physically have the space available to install 3 separate split system condensers 

Why do people trust Snap Air Conditioning?

With over fifteen years’ experience, Snap Air Conditioning has been servicing Brisbane wide, the Gold Coast and Logan areas, in residential electrical installations and  Split system cooling options.  


Upholding up the comment of “Our customers always comes first “. with our near 100% good reviews,  you can count on us to deliver a top service, when you need the most. 

Speak with one of our expert and pleasant team members if you require a reputable local technician for help.

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Licensed, insured technicians for your safety.

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Perfect installation because installation really matters

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Competitive, honest, affordable & transparent quotes

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5 year workmanship warranty

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We go the extra distance and focus on the small details

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100% Satisfaction, or we'll be back !

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Fast response

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If we damage / dirty anything, we will fix it.

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In house trained technicians,

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We are here to help with A/c installations in Brisbane

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100% Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed.

5 Year Workmanship Warranty*

With a Snap Air Conditionings Maintenance plan, we ensure your new aricon installation keeps running perfectly year after year.

This not only give you peace of mind with 5 year warranty but also that you will be running your Air Conditioner efficiently and not wasting power.  


100% complete satisfaction, on all job carried out.

100% complete satisfaction assurance is all job carried out.

If you feel that our top-notch service was not provided to your full complete satisfaction within 30 days, we urge you to call us so we can make things right.

No 1. Protection.

Our mission is to surprise and certainly safeguard your home. If we leave a mess, damage anything, we’ll make it up to you. Our company is fully certified and fully insured, including work cover for all our employees.

Is it crucial to you knowing that, if something happens during the course of our services, that our company will look after it for you and protect you from any obligation?

No Hidden Costs

We are very up front with out costs on the supply and installation of Air Conditioning.   

The supply and install prices with any extra costs are listed on our website to give you an intimidate cost of the whole installation. 

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