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Air Conditioning Extra Costs

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get supply and install pricing to you, but sometimes there are extra costs involved. For example, if you have a double Storey house, we will need to either mount the unit up higher on brackets which is an extra $250 cost, or we could run the ducting down the wall the two storeys down to the ground which is an additional $250. It is a necessary extra cost involved, as it can’t be installed as a simple back to back installation. If your installation is an up and over method, please contact us as we will need to verify the distance the piping run has to be and also the accessibility options involved within your roof space. Please call Snap Air Conditioning and speak to one of our experts to confirm if you are ever unsure.

Back to back installation

Back to back installation is the standard type of installation.  It includes 2m of ducting, 3m of piping, rubber waffle pad.
back to back installation, there is no extra cost for this

Back to back 2 storey +$250

Back to back installation in an upstairs bedroom.  4m ducting, a joiner and up to 6m piping, rubber waffle pad

back to back split system installation 2 storey drop , there is $110 extra cost for this

Side exit +$150

Side exit installation, where a window is in the way .  2m ducting, 3m piping , rubber waffle pad

side exit installation back to back split system there is $55 extra cost for this

Up high 2m+ on bracket +$250

Back to back installation on bracket . It includes 2m of ducting, 3m of piping, bracket

* Bracket is above waist height

back to back on brackets split system there is $75 extra cost for this

Up and over

Up and over installation, usually $440 – 660 depending on piping size.


up and over

Internal piping + $65/m

Internal piping includes 2m of ducting,  3m of piping, rubber waffle pad, extra $65 /m after going through floor.


internal piping

Bracket +$120

Brackets supplied and fitted.

* Below waist height

installation-accessories1 brackets

Poly slab + $45

Poly slab with unit screwed down 

poly slabs to mount air conditioning to on uneven ground

Extra piping $65/M

Pair coil piping / electrical / drainage.

fire rated pair coil

Piping / Duct $65/M

Pair coil piping, electrical /drainage within Ezi ducting

ezy duct

Ducting accessories (prices vary)

Corner, end Caping
caping ezy duct

Plastic feet $45

Plastic feet ideal for balconies in units and under houses

plastic feet
Core drilling company $340 inc

We hire a professional insured core drilling company for concrete wall core drilling – $120 additional holes 

coredrilling company 300x300 1
Asbestos drilling company $485
We hire a professional insured Asbestos drilling company for asbestos work
asbestose core drilling 768x665 1

Our Supply and install Air Conditioner Extra costs explained.

  • Installation vehicle, equipment and installation team must have clear and unhindered access to the site and internal/external location.
  • With standard pricing head unit will be mounted on a perimeter wall with nothing under the head unit ( windows ect) – (unless quoted otherwise eg side exit or up and over)
  • Up to 2m ducting and 3m piping supplied with standard pricing
  • Extras can be found at
  • Wall is either single brick, wood or fibro, If the wall is Concrete or Besser-brick or double brick, core drilling fees apply ( $340 inc )
  • 2.5kw to 4.4kw Wired to general power circuit 
  • 5kw to 9kw Wired to switchboard with dedicated circuit (as per current standards)
  • If the piping is run internally and not accessible the existing will need to be reused if installed in same locations and we do not warrant the existing piping or drainage.
  • Roof space to be accessible if running power, under house wiring installation may incur extra charges
  • When running piping behind the outdoor unit, piping / cabling will be zip tied to the back of the unit unless notified otherwise.
  • Drainage will be run to nearest storm water (up to 2m) where possible
  • We will refuse installation if we suspect inside or outside walls are made of asbestos. It is the owners or managing agents responsibility to do relevant testing to make sure the walls are asbestos free. We will do our best not to ever disturb asbestos walls however if this happens by accident, we accept no liability. (We do have a registered asbestos company that can help with the installation at an additional cost of $485 inc)
  • The Air Conditioner will remain the property of Snap Air Conditioning until fully paid for.

For full terms and conditions please go here