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Air Conditioners - Supplied & Installed Pricing

We have made our split system air conditioning supply and install list as easy as possible.  You will find a simple price list table explaining
brand,  model, up front cost, if there are any cash back applicable and the final price after cash back.  

The below prices include supply and installation of the air conditioner (installed back to back)  inc gst

Full Terms and conditioners for out services can be found here and extra’s like 2 story run , bracket ect can be found here

Yes , these prices include installation

Prices are for back to back installation on lowset house inc gst, Please look here additional cost

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Brand / ModelCoolingPrice
Fujitsu ASTG09KMTC    2.5kw$2,255
Fujitsu ASTG12KMTC       3.5kw$2,423
Fujitsu ASTG18KMTC        5kw$3,239
Fujitsu ASTG22KMTC    6kw$3,359
Fujitsu ASTG24KMTC      7kw$3,539
Fujitsu ASTG30KMTC      8kw$4,187
Fujitsu ASTG34KMTC       9.2KW$4,763
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP202.0kw$2,243
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP252.5kw$2,267
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP353.5kw$2,495
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP424.2kw$2,999
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP505kw$3,167
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP606kw$3,467
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP717kw$3,539
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP808kw$4,079
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP909kw$4,475
Daikin Cora FTXV20W2kw$2,219
Daikin Cora FTXV25W2.5kw$2,279
Daikin Cora FTXV35W3.5kw$2,483
Daikin Cora FTXV46W4.4kw$3,095
Daikin Cora FTXV50W5kw$3,179
Daikin Cora FTXV60W6kw$3,395
Daikin Cora FTXV71W7kw$3,587
Daikin Cora FTXV85L8kw$4,194
Daikin Cora FTXV95L9kw$4,631
Rinnai HSNRT25B2.5kw$1,979
Rinnai HSNRT35B3.5kw$2,135
Rinnai HSNRT50B5kw$2,783
Rinnai HSNRT70B7kw$2,939
Rinnai HSNRT80B8kw$3,551
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK202.0kw$2,135
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK252.5kw$2,255
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK353.5kw$2,423
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK505kw$3,047
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK636kw$3,419
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK717kw$3,527
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK808kw$4,115
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK959kw$4,775
Panasonic CS/CU-Z25XKR      2.6kw$2,327
Panasonic CS/CU-Z35XKR        3.5kw$2,555
Panasonic CS/CU-Z42XKR        4.4kw$2,939
Panasonic CS/CU-Z50XKR        5kw$3,251
Panasonic CS/CU-Z60XKR        6kw$3,311
Panasonic CS/CU-Z71XR        7kw$3,479
Panasonic CS/CU-Z80XKR        8KW$3,887
TECO TWS-TSO262.6kw$1,943
TECO TWS-TSO353.5kw$2,039
TECO TWS-TSO525.2kw$2,579
TECO TWS-TSO727.2kw$2,855
TECO TWS-TSO888.8kw$3,143