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Air Quality is affected when maintenance isn’t carried out on your unit

Is your Air Conditioner pushing out a funny smell or you can notice an odour? 
When cooling, your air conditioner creates moister which over time promotes bacteria and mould growth.  As the mould infests your aircon unit, the spores will begin to spread through the air. The dangers of mould can be quite extensive and your air conditioner can be a big contributor.

Mould can cause severe illness and should be remedied as soon as possible.  Performing a Chemical/Jet Clean will not only get rid of the mould and any smell but will remove any blockages that may be present and will leave your air conditioner looking and working like new.

The filtration system of your air conditioner also filters the air you breath, removes dust, pollens and airborne particles, so you can breathe easier. Build up on these filters then stops the units ability to work correctly.

Regular Aircon cleaning service (Chemical/Jet Cleaning) helps maintain the units keeping to keep them running more efficiently.

cleaning air conditioning
Split system chemical cleaning air conditioner maintenance

Why Is getting your Aircon cleaned so Important?

Maintenance (chemical clean) is essential not only for the warranty of your air conditioner system but also for the health of your family. The air quality in some suburban areas is getting worse especially with construction happening around us and your air conditioner cycles this air and tries to clean as much of it as possible.

Just like with any filter, they all need to be cleaned. You wouldn’t drive in your car for four years straight without any maintenance, then why would you do the same thing to your air conditioner? And it’s not just the filters that need cleaning. As time goes by, mould will grow in and throughout your air conditioning system. Your air conditioner extracts moisture from the air and mould and bacteria love this moisture and thrive in it.

Once there is enough built-up bacteria or mould in the system, it will start being excreted by the fan – spreading this bacteria in the form of mould spores throughout your home. Over time this will get worse and can be a potential health risk to you and your family if not rectified.

Call Snap Air Conditioning on 1300 007 627 to book an appointment and one of our technicians will come on-site to clean and disinfect (Chemical Clean) your air conditioner to remove mould, bacteria and any other build up within your unit and its drainage system.

Chemical cleaning
Snap air conditioning chemical cleaning air conditioner thoroughly

Our Premium Aircon Clean Service (Chemical Clean)

aircon filter blocked with dust
Blocked filter due to dirt, dust and harmful contaminates, causing blockages and unhealthy air.
mould growing on fan barrel.
Grime, dirt & mould polluting and affecting the air which you breathe.
air conditioner fins blocked with dust
Contaminates blocking the coil, preventing sufficient and healthy airflow.
Can an un-serviced Air Conditioner affect your health
dirt in air

Units that haven’t been maintained can pollute the air expelling harmful bacteria and mold spores into the air.

bacteria in the air

The moist environment promotes bacteria to colonise the unit and create mould.

allergies worse

The bacteria in mold spores being propelled out of the unit can affect those with allergies

mechanical strain on air conditioning systems

System has to work much harder to force air through the blocked filtration system

reduce efficiency with air flow

With the filtration system being completely blocked with dust and particular matter the airflow gets cut down significantly

water damage when not serviced.

Water blockages that go unnoticed may cause water damage to your property

Our Clients Testimonials


Great job installing my new AC unit, good range, reasonably priced and very friendly and helpful office staff and installers.

Linda De George

Jacqueline Prior

William and Omar installed our new replacement air conditioner. Their work was done speedily and efficiently. Two great guys from Snap Air Conditioning. Highly recommended.

Cecil Wray

A Farley

The price was very good, with no hidden costs. We had to wait two weeks for installation due to busy period but they showed up on time when they said they would. Finished efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. Very polite and easy to deal with.

A Farley

Kevin Mallett

Just had our living room air con unit replaced, through this company, really happy with the really prompt service and professional quality work. Thank you.

Kevin Mallett


Excellent company the staff pleasant and knowledgeable. Very pleased with the work done. Highly recommended.


Julia A

Kelly, the point of contact for Snap, is brilliant. We had a problem with our installation (manufacturer issue) and she was a pleasure to deal with while that got sorted. She is a credit to the company, and I am sure she would look after you too if you chose Snap for your air conditioning.

Jessica Page

Fabrice Turpin
Perfect installation, friendly and professional team!

Fabrice Turpin

Why Choose Snap Air Conditioning

Licensed & Insured Technicians

All of our technicians are fully qualified and certified through the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) and/or Arctick. All of our technicians are employees (not subcontractors) and are provided with ongoing in-house training. This ensures a professional, customer service focused experience that remains focused on YOU our valued clients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are on the firm belief that ALL feedback - good or bad - is valued feedback. We would love to hear of your experience with us so we can ensure we are meeting the highest standards and rectify any issues that may arise to maintain our high customer satisfaction rate which is shown through our 5 star google reviews.

12 Month Workmanship Warranty

We offer a 12 month workmanship warranty on all of our work. This means in that 12 month period if you experience any issues we will come out and investigate at no charge to you! * See Terms & Conditions

Wide Variety of Services

We don’t just offer air conditioning services. We also offer regular maintenance on your unit, investigations of any units not working (and solutions for repair/replacement). We also have fully qualified Electricians and can help with other electrical needs as well!

Interest-free Finance

Get your dream air conditioning system installed in your home or business without paying the upfront price. Contact us today to find out how we can assist.

Wealth of Experience

We have been offering air conditioning installation services to our local community for over 15 years. We have likely seen or heard it all and if we are unable to provide a solution while we attend we will investigate solutions and come back to you. This means we are able to provide you with the best benefits of our industry experience.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team who will take of your concerns quickly. We genuinely care and will offer before, during and after sales support to ensure your satisfaction - every single time!

On-Time Services

We can guarantee that we will be on time where possible. Obviously things do happen outside of our control however this is where our customer service team shine! They will keep you as up to date as possible if there are any delays with the technician.

Honest, Affordable, Transparent Quotes

We know what is important to you - honesty, transparency and affordability. We will provide an upfront quote and the technicians will confirm all aspects of the installation on arrival so if there are any changes needed you are aware BEFORE the works are carried out. This means there are no hidden surprises!

We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care about our customers. From the initial phone call through to the installation and any follow ups made you will receive the very best from our team.

If you need cost-effective air conditioning for your home or business, call us on 📞1300 007 627 to get started. We have the most reliable & efficient solutions for you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Wash Indoor Covers and Panels
Remove the front plastic cover, pressure wash and disinfect.
Clean Disinfect Filters

Clean, disinfect  and reinstall it.

Chemical Clean Indoor Coil

Use special chemical cleaning agent to destroy and remove all mold and bacteria. 

Test Indoor Drainage

Inspect and test drainage after it has been chemical cleaned.

Test Electrical Connections

Make sure all electrical connections in head unit are tight.

Pressure Wash and Chemical Clean Fan Barrel
Inspect blower wheel cleanliness, if blower wheel consist of dirt and grime build up it requires cleaning. Make recommendations for an Eco Clean.
Test and Inspect Isolator

Make sure the isolator is working correctly and there is no water build up.

Inspect Outdoor Condenser

Check and make sure there is no build up behind the condenser and that it is sitting level.

Dealers in the following Air Conditioners