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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are very similar to split systems except that the head unit instead of being in the wall is within the ceiling the cassette systems themselves are incredibly discreet with only the grilles showing in the ceiling.

Another useful feature is that the air travels in all four directions, which offers perfect temperature distribution. the air forcing the air into these four directions is a highly efficient fan design its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature throughout the room

Why are Cieling Cassette Air Conditioning used?

Where to install cassette air conditioners
Cassette units are rather discreet and come in a selection of sizes and capabilities, and that means you’ve got a fair amount of freedom when choosing where to install one. Generally , cassette units are more suitable for larger areas though. Since they take up a rather large amount of space on the ceiling — and since the ceiling is usually composed of beams and joists, you will have to consult an expert installer to figure out precisely where you may safely mount a single.

As a rule of thumb, a place which allows for clear, balanced air flow is also proposed for cassette units.


Installation of Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

When installing a ceiling cassette type air conditioner, the same rules need to be followed as in any other split system air conditioner.

The correct heat load calculation Needs to be made taking account the windows how high the ceiling is and if the property is insulated

Indoor units need to be mounted to a stable structure and the unit being centered in the room as much as possible to Help the four air conditioning ports spread the air evenly throughout the room

 Outdoor units should be mounted in stable places where they won’t vibrate, where they have plenty of free space on each side to permit airflow, where they’re readily accessible for maintenance, and where they aren’t likely to be subjected to corrosive materials. Noise should also be considered.

Like most air conditioning these days, the type of air conditioning you choose depends on a fair few factor like, positioning, Accessibility and building type.

This is where Snap Air Conditioning can help you make the correct choice.  We will discuss with you the different possibilities for your installation an ensure that it is the correct type of air conditioner for your needs is installed.

Call now for one of our friendly experts to give you advice about which air conditioner solution is correct for you

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