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Cheap Air Conditioner Deals

Cheap Air Conditioner deals have started now with Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric split system Air Conditioning.  

These are both excellent quality split system Aircons and are normally in the upper price range, but with the cash backs just started , you don’t want to miss out on these super deals. 

Fujitsu free money cash back 2021

Mitsubishi Electric cash back 2021

Energex Peak Smart rebate

Brand / ModelCoolingPricecash backPrice after cash back
Fujtisu ASTG09KMTC    2.5kw$1,499$150$1,349
Fujtisu ASTG12KMTC       3.5kw$1,619$150$1,469
Fujtisu ASTG18KMTC        5kw$2,149$200 + $200$1,749
Fujtisu ASTG22KMTC    6kw$2,299$200 + $200$1,899
Fujtisu ASTG24KMTC      7kw$2,449$200 + $200$2,049
Fujtisu ASTG30KMTC      8kw$2,899$200 + $250$2,449
Fujtisu ASTG34KMTC       9.2KW$3,189$200 + $250$2,739
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP202.0kw$1,469$100$1,369
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP252.5kw$1,495$100$1,399
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP353.5kw$1,649$100$1,549
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP424.2kw$2,049$200 + $100$1,749
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP505kw$2,179$200 + $100$1,879
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP606kw$2,429$200 + $100$2,079
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP717kw$2,479$200 + $150$2,129
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP808kw$2,939$200 + $200$2,539
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP909kw$3,279$200 + $200$2,879

Current Split System Air Conditioner Deals and Specials

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Our Supply and install Aircon prices explained

  1. Air conditioner prices above is for the supply and install of the displayed model of air conditioner inc gst
  2. Type of install that is included in the displace prices is a standard back to back installation
  3. If there is anything below the air conditioner head eg. Window, door – more piping ducting cost will be required.
  4. Pricing includes wall materials like single brick, wood . If asbestos or concrete addition costs will incur.
  5. Side exit, where the unit is on the  internal, but piping comes out of the side of the unit.
  6. Ducting includes is 2m, piping 3m extra length pricing is here 
  7. Double pole Isolator will be install on the side of the ducting or near external unit 
  8. (2.5kw to 4.4kw) Wiring included in the installation will be up to 15m to general power circuit 
  9. (5kw to 9kw) Wiring included in the installation will be up to 25m to switchboard ( in accessible roof space or accessible under the house including safety switch.
  10. Rubber pads will be supplied for hard, flat surfaces otherwise (poly slab base  $35, extra wall brackets $75 extra)
  11. If outdoor unit needs to be mounted up high above 1.5m, there is a $88 fee for the Material lifter hire.
  12. Drainage will be run up to 4m, from head unit
  13. The Air Conditioner will remain the property of Snap Air Conditioning until fully paid for
air conditioner price list this is what standard back to back means