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Does Regular Air Conditioning Reduce Dust in the House?


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Spring has already started knocking on the doors! It brings along dust with the warm winds. Do you often feel that no matter how much you vacuum, dust and sweep the house, the dust still gets back the next day? A dusty house isn’t just super-annoying, it is bad for your health as well because the indoor air is even more contaminated.

An average Australian spends around 90% of the time indoors, and the time people spend indoors has even increased due to the Work From Home (WFH) guidelines. Can you imagine how the quality of indoor air consumed for a longer time period impacts human health? Well, it has a lot of adverse effects on your health! A reliable cleaning services company in Brisbane will take care of the dusty home, but what about dust present in the air indoors? Just like the regular AC wipes off the indoor heat, can it reduce the dust, too? Read on to find out!

Is Using the Air Conditioning Unit to Reduce the Indoor Dust A Good Idea?

Most homeowners have similar questions when they hear about using an AC to reduce the dust. If you are worried about its functionality being affected when used to minimise the dust, be rest assured the case is entirely different.

The air conditioning unit installed in your property will work fine, provided you invest it regular upkeep and maintenance. Hence, using an AC to reduce indoor dust is thoughtful because it regulates the air of the entire house. If you take care of certain parts of the AC, it will work seamlessly along with reducing the dust indoors.

How to Ensure the AC Is Really Helping in Reducing the Indoor


Merely turning the AC on may not be enough to reduce the indoor dust. It is essential to make sure that the AC is fit to serve the purpose. Here are some common problems most air conditioning units have, which ultimately lead to more dust in the house. Therefore, fixing these problems can actually make your AC reduce the dust. Take a look.

Not Ducted Properly or Leaky Duct

A leaky duct or improperly ducted air conditioner will result in multiple problems, including:

● Loss of air

● Filthy ducts

● Poor insulation

The biggest issue it possesses is that more dust enters your house through the leaks. Get the duct fixed to make sure that the air condition acts effectively against the indoor dust.

Filthy or Soiled Filters

There are several filters installed in an air conditioner. The primary purpose of these filters is to prevent dust from entering the AC innards. A filter that isn’t clean will not restrict the flow of dust inside your house. Ensure that the filters are clean all the time to trap dust efficiently, thus reducing indoor dust.

Damaged Filters

An air conditioner intakes the air, and the filters trap the dust particles to blow air that’s cool and clean. But, these filters have a limited lifespan, and need a replacement after some time. If not looked upon on time, these filters can depreciate the quality of air indoors. But how to determine if the filter really needs a replacement, or it will work properly with regular cleaning?

Call a reliable AC expert to get the air conditioner, and its filters inspected thoroughly. Also, go for HEPA filters if the technician recommends going for a new filter.


The effectiveness of the air conditioner in reducing dust heavily depends on its maintenance and the type of filters you are using. However, you cannot solely rely on the AC to get rid of dust, as it only reduces the indoor dust and doesn’t clean it completely.

Make sure to try out other time-tested methods for dust reduction, such as using indoor plants and hiring a cleaning service company in Brisbane.