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Daikin offers camouflaged condensers



The service allows a unit to be merged with its background by wrapping it in a vinyl film based on a photograph provided by the customer.

The wrap is a high-quality vinyl, 50 micron cylinder cast digital wrapping media. According to Daikin, it has been developed to flow and conform over the most challenging surfaces, making it ideal for total condenser wraps. The company says that it also prevents abrasion, extends colour fastness, and offers easier handling.

Each panel is removed, wrapped and carefully replaced. The unit is then delivered to site with the required protective packaging.

The Daikin warranty covers the wrap process, and the wrap does not interfere with servicing – this can be carried out as usual.

Prices range from £589 (Au$1,143) for a single-fan condenser to £1,097 (Au$2,129) for a VRV type.

“This was a local initiative by DAUK,” says Daikin Product Manager Martin Passingham.

“Customers are always looking for ways to hide their condensers so this made a lot of sense. The idea evolved through customer requests and DAUK looking for viable options. As we carry out the wrapping ourselves we can ensure the quality is maintained.”

Passingham says that other Daikin facilities can take the wrapping service up if they have the facilities, however, Daikin Australia says it has no immediate plans to offer it here.