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What is Air Conditioner Gecko Proofing ?

geko on air conditioning pcb board

Ask us about the special Gecko proof coating that we can apply to you Air Conditioner to protect your Air Conditioner to premature fail due to Gecko, cockroaches and ants making contact with the printed circuit board PCB.

Modified Silicone Conformal Coating


The  modified silicone conformal coating, specially formulated the protection of your electronic circuits. Once cured, it is resistant to a wide range of solvents, lubricants and cooling fluids putting your mind at ease. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.


Features & Benefits


Excellent resistance to mould growth UV light and to prolonged tropical exposure/salt spray
Low oxygen permeability
Provides excellent in-service protection for circuitry and PCBs at a typical coating thickness of 0·025-0·05mm
Clear coating is approved to DEF STAN 59//47 issue 4 and UL 746C-QMJU2


Typical Applications


Protective coatings like our PRO conformal coating, is a thin polymeric film applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) in order to protect the board and its components from the environment and to prevent corrosion. The protective coating is designed to cover and protect solder joints, the leads of electronic components, exposed traces, and other metallised areas from corrosion, ultimately extending the working life of the PCB. Conformal coatings are used in many different types of applications where high performance and reliability are needed including.
Mobile electronics




Why do I need a Conformal Coating?
Printed circuit board performance can be affected due to moisture, chemicals, salt stray and temperature extremes. A protective coating can be used in order to protect printed circuit boards and their components and ultimately prevent corrosion and failure.

Types of Conformal Coatings

    • Silicone coatings give great protection in a wide range of temperatures, have good chemical resistance, flexibility and are resistant to sea salt.
    • Acrylic coatings are easy to use and remove, provide fair elasticity, are abrasion resistant and have a high dielectric strength.
    • Polyurethane coatings have excellent moisture and chemical resistance properties and are abrasion resistant.
  • Epoxy coatings give good humidity resistance, high abrasion and chemical resistance

Why you should choose Snap Air Conditioning
to replace your Air Conditioner

The reason why you should choose us for air conditioner replacement and supply and install a new one, is because this is our specialty. Snap Air Conditioning have been doing this for more than 15 years, we carry all the major brands and our super-efficient.

Our warehouse in Brisbane is always stocked to the brim of all the latest air conditioner models, ready to be installed  into your home or business ,  we buy in bulk to save you money

Another good reason is we don’t charge extra to remove and dispose of the existing unit.  This is all part of our supply and install prices that are listed on our website, so please call snap air conditioning today on 07 3084 3501 to arrange a time to get your new air conditioning replacement supplied and installed.

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Why do people trust Snap for Air Conditioner replacement ?

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Licensed, insured technicians for your safety.

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Perfect installation because installation really matters

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Competitive, honest, affordable & transparent quotes

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5 year workmanship warranty

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We go the extra distance and focus on the small details

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100% Satisfaction, or we'll be back !

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Fast response

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If we damage / dirty anything, we will fix it.

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In house trained technicians,

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Commitment Free installation quotes *.

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Sky Finance with Up to 60 Months Interest-Free *.

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Dedicated office line, to answer your calls.

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