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Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Brisbane

Built on history and experience

Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 years, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand has a rich history of superior air conditioning products and is instantly recognisable for quality and technological advancement.

Innovation is in our DNA

Leveraging our experience within the energy, space, aviation, automotive and environment sectors and utilising cutting edge technology, innovation is central to both our organisation and the development of our air conditioning solutions.

Technology that outlasts and outperforms

Our Japanese-engineered technologies allow us to design and deliver world class air conditioning systems that go the distance within the tough Australian climates.

Committed to our customers

Standing behind the quality of our products is our commitment to our customers and after sales service guarantees. Comprehensive warranties provide you peace of mind and carry our promise of quality to you.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has delivered engineering excellence for over 130 years across three main industries: power systems, industry & infrastructure and aircraft, defence & space.

Dating back to 1870, our company demonstrated its aptitude for innovation in engineering early on, becoming an established full-scale marine transportation company by 1874. This expertise took us into several industries and propelled us into a household name by 1911.

Turning our expertise to air conditioning in1953 in Japan, we introduced our first units to Australia in 1975 through a local distributor and established our first company in 1999. Through our successful operations in Australia we steadily grew as a division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and eventually spanned off as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia in 2009.

The MHI focus is on developing world-class, highly efficient and energy saving air conditioning systems that offer comfort and reassurance to our customers. The expansion of MHIAA has allowed the company to provide a more diverse range of products to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and provide comprehensive support to our partners and home owners through our presence in all major and regional areas.


Innovation is central to our organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s air conditioners and our workplace culture. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and our heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, we have achieved unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand. The MHI brand is renowned for world-class engineering with a focus on detail in every phase of product design and development.

At the heart of our design philosophy are our people, and providing the solutions that make work and life more comfortable. From silent operation, to long reach air flow, energy conservation and durability, through to digital advancements with Wi-Fi connectivity, MHI products continue to focus on innovative solutions for the HVAC market.

Backing our products with comprehensive market-leading warranties, we reinforce our commitment to support our partners and their customers. Our customer-first philosophy is entrenched in the company values across the whole organisation, ensuring customer satisfaction with the MHIAA experience.

Drawing on our long history of engineering expertise, MHIAA provides commercial and residential air conditioning that is designed to unobtrusively create comfort and peak performance and that looks to the future for inspiration.


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