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What is a Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner

Multi head air conditioning systems are made for situations that are going to require something more than a single air conditioning unit such as wanting to have climate control in not only the lounge, but the bedrooms as well. Multi head systems have one outdoor unit that is connected to up to five separate indoor units that are placed in different rooms throughout the house by pipes and it works by pumping air from the outdoor unit, already heated or cooled, into these indoor units and out into your home. The range of indoor units will look good in any type of room as they are designed to be stylish and unobtrusive and have many different heads that are quick and easy to install. Contact Snap Air Conditioning

Benefits of Multi-Split Air Conditioning

The main benefit of a multi split air conditioning systems is if its the  only possible option when there is no place or opportunity to arrange several external condensers, or you just don’t want to clutter up the facade of the house.
The second reason why why you would go down this road lies in the fact that the external unit is the main source of noise and vibration. Accordingly, if it is only one, and even located at a maximum distance from most rooms, then the negative impact from it will be minimal.
Multi split system

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Why Choose Snap Air Conditioning

Licensed & Insured Technicians

Our technicians are licensed and insured, which means that they have undergone the proper training to render insured air conditioning services that protect you from unnecessary costs. Our technicians are employees and not subcontractors; this ensures a professional service that remains focused on “YOU”- our clients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We always ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services by taking heed of all the feedback we receive. If you are not overjoyed with our work, please let us know, and we will accommodate you until you are 100% satisfied & happy.

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

We make sure that your newly-installed air conditioning unit keeps running perfectly for the long-term. With our 5-year workmanship warranty, your products are ensured to work efficiently and NOT wasting power.

Wide Variety of Services

Our air conditioning services range from installation, maintenance, repairs, replacement, sizing to proofing and protection. We have the best solutions for every air conditioning service you need.

Interest-free Finance

Get your dream air conditioning system installed in your home or business without paying the upfront price of the unit. You can choose any unit you like, with up to a 60-month interest-free finance option.

Wealth of Experience

We have been offering air conditioning installation services to our local community and Brisbane for over 15 years. We’ve seen it all, and we genuinely know what it takes to give the best benefits out of our industry experience.

Customer Support

We provide a dedicated customer support team to take care of your concerns quickly. We offer before, during, and after-sales support to secure complete customer satisfaction - every single time!

On-Time Services

Our air conditioning services are backed with efficiency and on-time delivery, not to waste your precious time. We also use the latest technology to ensure we get the job is done right and five times faster.

Honest, Affordable, Transparent Quotes

We Know affordability, honesty & transparency matters to “YOU” - our clients. We provide a free, full upfront quote and detail exactly where your money is going. No hidden extras or nasty surprises.

We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care about each one of our customers. If the system is not good enough to be used in our home or business, we will not recommend it to you. We aim to provide you with the best air conditioning system that you can enjoy for many years to come.

If you need cost-effective air conditioning for your home or business, call us on 📞 (07) 3084 3501 to get started. We have the most reliable & efficient solutions for you.

How can we help find the best Multi-Split Air Conditioning System for you?

Finding the right multi head split system for your needs is very important, this is where snap air conditioning comes in. Our technician we will sit down with you go through a plan of your property and workout the best multi head system for your needs.
Obviously these needs will be depend on a number of factors including how large the building is, the internal volume, the heat load for each room, the number of windows and if there is ceilings installed.
At snap air conditioning we bring together the best multi head split system products available from a wide range of manufacturers to truly meet the needs of your home or office.
We have multi head systems that are designed for split head units, ceiling cassettes ,bulkhead cassette,  and floor consoles, all while being able to be controlled by Wi-Fi.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Products & Services

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Licensed, insured technicians for your safety.
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Perfect installation because installation really matters
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Competitive, honest, affordable & transparent quotes
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5 year workmanship warranty
icon for go the distance
We go the extra distance and focus on the small details
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100% Satisfaction, or we'll be back !

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Fast response
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If we damage / dirty anything, we will fix it.
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In house trained technicians,
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Commitment Free installation quotes *.
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Sky Finance with Up to 60 Months Interest-Free *.
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Dedicated office line, to answer your calls.

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