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Mitsubishi Electric Australia has launched Service ME, a mobile phone app for air conditioning and refrigeration service technicians.

“Service ME provides easy step-guides that give quick solutions and helps technicians resolve issues out of hours,” says Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

“The Service ME app is a one-stop-shop for all product information, design and troubleshooting issues. This eliminates the volume of physical documentation required for technicians when installing or servicing Mitsubishi Electric products. Users can access the newest, most current technical manuals as well as a decade-worth of information.”

In the past, service technicians had to rely on CD ROM or USB to access this information, a process that was time-consuming.

“This is another step for Mitsubishi Electric Australia in regards to innovation and enabling service technicians, retailers and consumers with positive solutions,” says Mitsubishi Electric Australia national service manager Michael Smith. “Ensuring that technicians have an efficient source of product information makes their job quicker and easier, which in turn makes our customers happy.

The Service ME app is available on both Apple and Android devices, and provides information and solutions on air conditioners, controls, refrigerators, freezers, air curtains and fans.