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New Pair Coil – Much better than the standard


fire rates copper coil used to install split system air conditioners

Snap Air Conditioning now only uses BigMan Fire rated Copper tube pair coil Conforms with Building Code of Australia fire safety regulations and requirements .

The insulated copper tube is extruded to ensure close tube contact to enhance dew point proofing. The polyethylene film contains UV protection additives built for the harshest conditions. Unlike the white pair coil that starts falling apart after a couple years this UV rates product will last longer than the unit itself.


  • Annealed Copper Tube to AS 1571
  • UV Rated
  • Easy and quick to install
  • No seams which can open to allow moisture entry, bothersome dipping
  • Fire Retardant Insulation to AS 1530.3-1999
  • Insulation Working Temperature Range -40 deg C to 105 deg C