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Now that summer is approaching and the warmer weather is here, many of us are looking to purchase a new air conditioner or upgrade our current one. Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to brands of air conditioners. For many years Samsung air conditioners have been a popular choice for many Australian residential homes and commercial buildings. We would like to share with you some interesting information about this global brand.

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Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in Korea in 1938 as a small trading company. The word Samsung was chosen as it means “three stars” in Korean based on the three principles of big, numerous and powerful. Over the next thirty years Samsung expanded rapidly trading in a range of services including food processing, insurance, textiles and retail. In the late 1960’s Samsung entered the electronics industry, where today it is extremely well known for its computers, televisions, mobile phones and air conditioners.

1974 – 1980: Samsung began developing its first air conditioner in 1974 known as the Window Air Conditioner (WAC). This air conditioning unit was affordable and popular, but within a few years Samsung developed a more modern “Residential Air Conditioner” (RAC) which was a wall mounted system and more practical.

1980 – 2000: Over the next decade Samsung spent thousands of dollars researching and developing its air conditioning systems. By the early nineties Samsung began to focus more on ducted and commercial-grade air conditioning and by the year 2000 launched its world class energy efficient DVM Water System, which provided water-based heating and cooling technology.

DVM System

2007: Within only 7 years in 2007 Samsung became a world leader developing the world’s biggest capacity air conditioner called the DVM+4 providing 22 Horsepower (HP) which was ideal for larger commercial buildings and apartments..

2010: With Samsung developing a million dollar research and development team and focusing on designing innovative products, their air conditioning production was full steam ahead. In 2010 they launched the world’s first Wi-Fi controlled air conditioner, which is still one of their most popular air conditioners.

2013: Within only 3 years in 2013 Samsung developed their “Smart System” range of air conditioners which can be controlled through smart phones. The same year Samsung launched another world first, the “Triangular Room Air Conditioner” stating it offered improved performance by circulating air faster and wider with its triangular design.

Samsung WiFi System

2015: Another world first, the 360 degree Cassette Air Conditioning System which is a circular design to provide aesthetics and is marketed to minimise hot and cold spots in the room and spread the air evenly.

2018: This year Samsung released the World first “Wind-Free Air Conditioner” offering Samsung’s “wind-free” cooling technology providing a cooler climate without the direct discomfort of direct cold airflow.

Samsung in its short forty five years have become a world leader in air conditioning systems. Our team at MakoAir have been supplying, installing and servicing Samsung air conditioners for more almost 20 years.

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