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mould hiding inside split system air conditioning
Mould can grow and spread through out your unit and make everyone in the house. sick.
Blocked filters
Dirty split system air conditioning filters completely clogged up not allowing any airflow
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Chemical cleaning
Snap air conditioning chemical cleaning air conditioner thoroughly
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After Clean
Split system air conditioner thoroughly cleaned back to original condition and efficiency
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Whats left
The mould and dirt removed from your air conditioning system
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What is Air Conditioning
Service and Repairs?

Ever wondered, why does my air conditioning smell so bad?
When cooling, your air conditioner creates moister which over time promote bacteria and mould growth.
As the mould infests your aircon unit, the spores will begin to spread through the air.
This can cause severe illness and should be remedied as soon as possible. 
We not only get rid of the mould /smell, but your air conditioning will look like and work like new. 
The filtration system of your air conditioner also filters the air you breath, get take dust, pollens and airborne particles out of the air, so you can breathe easier.
Regular service and repairs of split system air conditioners help maintain the units running at 100% and will extend their service life

aircon filter blocked with dust
air conditioner fins blocked with dust
mould growing on fan barrel.
panasonic head unit

Benefits of service and maintenance

better air quility

Improved indoor air quality​

extend your air conditioners warranty

Extend your warranty

lower bills and energy cost

Lower your energy costs

better cooling performance

Better performance

improve efficiency

Efficiency prolong system life


Reduced number of breakdowns

4 signs your Air Conditioning system
needs service and repairs

air not cold

Air isn't as cold as it used to be

The air coming out of the vents is not as cold as it used to be a sign that something is wrong this could be the be blocked airflow, the compressor is not running at 100%, or the refrigerant levels may be too low either way if you set it on 23 degrees and it stays at 25 you know it’s best to give us a call so we could have a look at the air conditioner

Bad smells

Bad smells are a sure sign that your air conditioner needs to be serviced or repaired the bad smells could be coming from the drainage system, however, most likely it’s from mould and bacteria colonising your system producing toxins and nasty chemicals that smell. It’s best to give snap conditioning a call so we can neutralise these bacteria and mould as they may be affecting the health of your family.

bad smell coming from ac

Vibration and sounds

Your air conditioner used to run so quietly and all the sudden it is vibrating in making weird noises.It is surprising how much dirt and mould accumulate on the scroll fan, this fan is hidden where you cannot see it easily, but because of the amount of mould and dirt build-up, it can cause this scroll fan to become unbalanced which will vibrate the whole head unit as it spins.  this is not only annoying, but if there is enough vibration it may actually cause more problems with the unit like bad electrical Connexions or even the piping developing stress cracks

Leaking water

We received calls for dripping air conditioners all the time.  This can be caused for a number of reasons.The drainage may be blocked as overtime your air conditioner collects dust dirt and mould which some of this falls into the drain pan.   It runs down the drain it may accumulate in cause a blockage after many years which in turn makes the water pour out of the front of the air conditioner all over the floor. Another reason water may leak from the air conditioner is that it is low on gas and it has developed a leak somewhere. It starts building up on the front coils of the air conditioner once the ice is thick enough the outside of the ice begins melting which then drips out of the front of the air conditioner and all over your floor  


Get your ac serviced and save on power

coil dirty 1
filter dirty

The longer you don’t service your air conditioner the more it will cost in the long run, not only for the power usage standpoint but also from the longevity of the unit itself .

Want To Save On Your Energy Bill? Get a service


  • Follow manufacturer instructions on how to clean the air conditioner filter. Regular dust build up can reduce airflow by up to 1% per week.
  • Consider a professional clean of both indoor and outdoor unit fins and coils annually for improved energy efficiency and healthier air.
  • Keep your outdoor air-conditioning unit shaded from the sun or install it on the shady side of the house. This can increase your air-conditioner’s efficiency by approximately 5-10%.
  • Check your outdoor air-conditioning unit is clear of leaves and debris. If dirty, give the radiator a light wash down with water from a hose to improve the efficiency of the outdoor unit.
save on electricity

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How can we help with inspection and repair of your Split Air Conditioning system?

We can help to make sure your split air conditioner system continues to secure your comfortable living space by establishing regular scheduled inspections by one of our technicians.

Snap Air Conditioning can inspect, clean and service all parts of your split air conditioning system ensuring the it will offer maximum efficiency and free from dust, mold and bacteria.

Call Snap Air Conditioning now to book in an appointment 07 3084 3501

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