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Split system Air Conditioners - Supplied and installed
from only $1249 inc

Supplied & fully installed(back to back, inc gst)
Rinnai HSNRQ25B 2.5kw $1,299 inc

Relax with Rinnai’s latest innovation in home comfort.

Escape the hot summer and wintry cold nights with the energy-efficient Rinnai Q Series 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System.

Ideal for bedrooms, this ultra-quiet air conditioner keeps noise levels to a minimum, while providing you with efficient home heating and cooling. This is achieved by the cleverly engineered air tunnel optimised to deliver exceptional air distribution.

Featuring a 5-star energy rating, convenient Wi-Fi control and using a more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, the Rinnai 2.5kW Q Series Reverse Cycle Split System offers complete comfort with added energy-savings

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Energy efficient inverter technology
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Delay timer to turn the appliance on or off within a specific time period
  • Intuitive end of season cleaning function
  • Adjustable air flow direction
  • Outdoor operation range for temperatures of up to 52° Celsius
  • Low operating noise levels
  • Boost/turbo mode to reach the set temperature within a shorter period of time
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • 5 year limited warranty
Rinnai split system supplied and installed brisbane

Split system supply and install price list

Brand / ModelCoolingPriceEnergex / Manufacturer Cash BackPrice after cash back
Fujitsu ASTG09KMTC    2.5kw$1,639$150$1,489
Fujitsu ASTG12KMTC       3.5kw$1,779$150$1,629
Fujitsu ASTG18KMTC        5kw$2,359$200 + $200$1,959
Fujitsu ASTG22KMTC    6kw$2,529$200 + $200$2,129
Fujitsu ASTG24KMTC      7kw$2,649$200 + $200$2,249
Fujitsu ASTG30KMTC      8kw$3,139$250 + $200$2,689
Fujitsu ASTG34KMTC       9.2KW$3,499$250 + $200$3,049
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP202.0kw$1,689$100$1,589
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP252.5kw$1,679$100$1,579
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP353.5kw$1,859$100$1,759
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP424.2kw$2,279$100 + $200$1,979
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP505kw$2,449$100 + $200$2,149
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP606kw$2,659$100 + $200$2,359
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP717kw$2,749$150 + $200$2,399
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP808kw$3,279$200 + $200$2,879
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP909kw$3,419$200 + $200$3,019
Daikin Cora FTXV20W2kw$1,609$1,609
Daikin Cora FTXV25W2.5kw$1,649$1,649
Daikin Cora FTXV35W3.5kw$1,819$1,819
Daikin Cora FTXV46W4.4kw$2,299$2,299
Daikin Cora FTXV50W5kw$2,369$2,369
Daikin Cora FTXV60W6kw$2,539$2,539
Daikin Cora FTXV71W7kw$2,699$2,699
Daikin Cora FTXV85L8kw$3,219$3,219
Daikin Cora FTXV95L9kw$3,549$3,549
Daikin Lite FTXF20W2kw$1,569$1,569
Daikin Lite FTXF25W2.5kw$1,609$1,609
Daikin Lite FTXF35W3.5kw$1,769$1,769
Daikin Lite FTXF46W4.6kw$2,199$2,199
Daikin Lite FTXF50W5kw$2,299$2,299
Daikin Lite FTXF60W6kw$2,449$2,449
Daikin Lite FTXF71W7kw$2,619$2,619
LG WS09TWS2.5kw$1,539$1,539
LG WS12TWS3.5kw$1,629$1,629
LG WS18TWS5kw$2,109$200$1,909
LG WH24SL-187kw$2,569$200$2,369
LG WH30SR-188kw$2,949$200$2,749
LG WH34SR-189kw$3,329$200$3,129
Kelvinator KSD25HWJ2.5kw$1,469$1,469
Kelvinator KSD35HWJ3.5kw$1,629$1,629
Kelvinator KSD50HWJ5kw$2,109$200$1,909
Kelvinator KSD71HWJ7kw$2,349$200$2,149
Kelvinator KSD90HWJ9kw$2,899$200$2,699
Rinnai HSNRQ25B2.5kw$1,379$1,379
Rinnai HSNRQ35B3.5kw$1,489$1,489
Rinnai HSNRQ50B5kw$1,989$200$1,789
Rinnai HSNRQ70B7kw$2,099$200$1,899
Rinnai HSNRQ80B8kw$2,529$200$2,329
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK202.0kw$1,519$1,519
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK252.5kw$1,619$1,619
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK353.5kw$1,749$1,749
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK505kw$2,249$200$2,049
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK636kw$2,529$200$2,329
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK717kw$2,619$200$2,419
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK808kw$3,079$200$2,879
Mitsubishi Heavy SRK959kw$3,589$200$3,389
Panasonic CS/CU-Z25XKR        2.6kw$1,639$1,639
Panasonic CS/CU-X35ZKR        3.5kw$1,769$1,769
Panasonic CS/CU-X42VKR        4.4kw$2,069$200$2,069
Panasonic CS/CU-X50VKR        5kw$2,309$200$2,109
Panasonic CS/CU-X60VKR        6kw$2,429$200$2,229
Panasonic CS/CU-X71VKR        7kw$2,599$200$2,399
Panasonic CS/CU-X80VKR        8KW$3,089$200$2,889
Haier AS26TACKIT2.6kw$1,379$1,379
Haier AS35TACKIT3.5kw$1,429$1,429
Haier AS53TACKIT5kw$1,919$200$1,719
Haier AS71TACKIT7kw$2,069$200$1,869
Haier AS82FFAKIT8kw$2,599$200$2,399
TECO TWS-TSO26H3DVGA2.6kw$1,379$1,379
TECO TWS-TSO35H3DVGA3.5kw$1,429$1,429
TECO TWS-TSO50H3DVGA5.2kw$1,919$200$1,719
TECO TWS-TSO70H3DVGA7kw$2,069$200$1,869
TECO TWS-TSO80H3DVGA8kw$2,599$200$2,399