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What is a Split System Air Conditioner System?

A split system air conditioner has and  outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of this room that you would like to cool. This unit houses the compressor, condenser coil and the growth coil or capillary tubing.  The outdoor part of the split system is call a condenser.  Compressors these day run on Inverter technology which is much more energy efficient than the old type compressor.


The sleek-looking indoor unit contains the cooling coil, a very long blower and an air filter.

Installation of a split air conditioner is much easier because it doesn’t call for ductwork. Instead, the indoor and outdoor units are connected with a set of electrical, tubing and wires. The ductwork required for many traditional A/C units generally increases energy costs, as most centralized A/C units lose a lot of energy due to heat exchange from the air duct system. Without a system of ducts, there is very little prospect for heat or energy loss in a split air conditioner system.

This kind of air conditioner system has many benefits over traditional A/Cs. One obvious benefit is the silent operation of a broken air conditioner system. The sections of an air purifier which produce the most noise are the compressor and the fan that cools the condenser. At a split system (unlike a window component ), the compressor and fan for the condenser are located away from the room being cooled and thus the major sources of noise are eliminated.

Another benefit of a busted air conditioner system is that you may opt for a multi-split system, where you can have more than one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. This makes it effortless to cool a number of rooms or maintain the temperature through a huge room via using two indoor cooling components.  Contact us so we can help you with the right choice.

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Why is a Split System Air Conditioner better?

A split air conditioner is an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your house. It must be said that the initial cost of this type of ac unit is significantly higher than a window unit and it does require expert installation. However, the sum of money you’ll save on your electricity bills, as well as the durability of this unit, will make it worth your while in the end.

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Let us help you choose the correct
Split system Air Conditioning system for you

It is important to select the ideal split platform for your requirements, either in the home or at your business and we can help design the best system for your requirements.

Our technician will see to measure and indicate the best choices for your lifestyle, offer a free quotation for your entire installation and commissioning of your choice.

We can also offer sales support and back up support, second to none which can keep your system working at its best level for several years helping one to survive many long warm summers.

Why do people trust Snap Air Conditioning?

With over fifteen years’ experience, Snap Air Conditioning has been servicing Brisbane wide, the Gold Coast and Logan areas, in residential electrical installations and cooling options.  

Upholding up the comment of “Our customers always comes first “. with our near 100% good reviews,  you can count on us to deliver a top service, when you need the most. 

Speak with one of our expert and pleasant team members if you require a reputable local technician for help.

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Why do people trust Snap Air Conditioning?

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