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What size room will a 2.5 KW air conditioner cool?


What size room will a 2.5 KW air conditioner cool

A 2.5 kW air conditioner is usually powerful enough to cool a standard size bedroom approximately 4 metres by 4 metres.  Other things to consider when choosing the correct size is   – if there is any insulation in the ceiling or wall – the location of the bedroom in the house, are they located at a corner or maybe even have 3 external wall exposed to the heat and the orientation of the bedroom , is it a room with a  west facing brick wall that gets all the afternoon sun.

Does the room also contain heat generating appliances?  You must consider is what the room is being used for, as an example is it being used for as a server room?  This would require a more powerful unit depending on the energy load in the room, it could also be a Home Office with multiple computers monitors printers all generating heat, this too may require a more powerful unit to cope with the heat load

If you are unsure it’s best to get our technicians to have a look at the property and circumstances to make sure that you are getting the correct size air conditioner for your needs.  You can view our guide here to figure out what power will be required going through several factors that may affect the capacity. Alternatively please contact our friendly staff to help on 07 3084 3501