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What is a Window box Air Conditioner System?

A Window wall mounted air conditioning system is a quiet, unobtrusive means to deliver clean, comfortable air to any reasonably sized area in your family home or office.

The system is fully contained within a robust cabinet and usually mounted in an aperture provided in a wall or window opening, enabling distribution of clean, comfortable air to the living space while expelling hot air from the condenser to the atmosphere.

Window wall mounted systems may provide cooled air only or if configured as a reverse cycle unit, can provide either heated or cooled air. A wide range of window wall models of both types are provided by Kelvinator from 1.6Kw systems right up to more powerful 6Kw model. Most models excepting the 1.6Kw model are provided with remote control and multi-speed fans for greater comfort and temperature control.

All units are able to facilitate dehumidification or removal of moisture from incoming air whilst at the same time, mixing fresh and recirculated air for greater comfort. A dust filter also removes dust and other airborne particles before the conditioned air is distributed to the living space.

Manual controls are also provided on all models for direct control at the fascia panel. A wireless remote control with an easy to see luminescent key pad is also provided on those units greater than 1.6Kw capacity. Many other features are also provided including sleep mode settings enabling the unit to be turned off automatically at a set time. 

Window box Air Conditioner, is it worth it?

A single box unit, installed in a window or through an external wall. Good for rooms and open-plan areas of up to 50m2. Smaller units can be plugged into a normal power point; larger ones may need additional wiring. Not quite as efficient or effective as split-systems but a reasonable budget option if a split-system isn’t an option (for example if you’re renting). Price range: $400-$1100.

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Is a Window box Air Conditioner System for you?

These days not many people get box unit air conditioners installed because there are much better options on the market these days.

one of the reasons why you may want to get one of the box unit air conditioners installed is because you are replacing an existing one and can’t instal any other kind of air conditioner

If you do want to go down the path of installing a box unit air conditioner, there is no need to have an electrician. A handyman usually does the installation as the unit fits in the window, the exterior surround case is screwed down into the window frame, and the unit gets plugged into a standard wall socket 

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